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California mapIf your next family vacation leads you to the beaches, Malibu Beach is still the beach you must see when your travels take you to California. Family vacations in California tend to excite everyone, except Californians maybe!

California beaches offer a great deal of fun for all throughout the year. Sunshine, sand, swimming and surfboards are all the necessary ingredients for an unforgettable California family vacation at the most beautiful beaches and weather on the entire coast.

California Family Vacation Spots

Among the most attractive spots for a California family vacation are Long Beach, Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Catalina Island, Hermosa Beach, Laguna Beach, Del Mar, La Jolla, San Diego’s Beach, Oxnard, San Pedro and Torrance Beach. You won’t have a moment of boredom during your whole trip. During the daytime you can go surfing, fishing, swimming, skateboarding or play tennis, golf or beach volleyball with the kids. At night, California cities offer plenty of nightlife as well, including sophisticated dining and theater.

Walking and hiking are excellent forms of exercise while also great opportunities for families to spend times together. Although you will find an abundance of places that offer exceptional walking and hiking, the Backroads Walking Adventures in Berkeley ranks high. This tour-operated experience allows you to get up close and person with paces such as Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, France, Italy, and the United States. The professionals of this organization are dedicated to making each family vacation something unrivaled. Regardless of where you plan to visit, this company can set you up with the trip perfect for you and your family.

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Every year, 4 million people enter Yosemite National Park. There’s little doubt almost all leave somehow changed. One of the most magnificent parks in the country, Yosemite typifies the bold and rugged sense of adventure that drew settlers west to California. From scaling the 3,569-foot vertical rock face of El Capitan to marveling at the granite grandeur of Half Dome that looms over 4,800 feet above the Yosemite Valley floor, the park is nearly 1,200 square miles of natural beauty.

Free from roads and cars, 95% of Yosemite is designated wilderness. This vast backwoods offers the spectacular and diverse scenery of waterfalls and ancient giant sequoias and the natural quiet of forests and meadows, all shared with a diverse collection of wildlife.

California Hotels in…

Los Angeles | San Diego | La Jolla | San Jose | San Francisco | Long Beach
Fresno | Sacramento | Oakland | Anaheim

California Weather

One of the most appealing aspects of a California family vacation is that the weather is great throughout the entire year. The summer months are July through October, and the winter months are November through June. The water temperature is around 70 degrees during summer and don’t drop below 57 degrees in winter. The air temperature is about 76 degrees during daytime and 68 degrees during night time in summer and 69 degrees during daytime and 56 degrees at night during winter.

Amusement Parks in California

Although there are theme parks located around the country, those located in California are among the most popular. In fact, four out of ten theme parks in California are vacation spots for families, even more so than beaches or other types of vacations. A very popular tourist attraction during a California family vacation is definitely Disneyland, only 15 miles from the Southern California beaches. In addition you will find incredible places such as Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain Vallejo, Legoland, San Diego Zoo, California Adventure, Six Flags Magic Mountain Southern California, Golden Gate Park, and the list goes one. Considering this is just a few of the theme parks in the state of California and just one of 51 states, you can only imagine the vast number of theme parks to consider.

Knotts Berry FarmBuena Park – Knott’s Berry Farm
Back in 1920, the married couple of Walter and Cordelia Knott moved to Buena Park to farm 20 acres of rented land. However, today 20 acres is a part of the 160 acres that makes up Knott’s Berry Farm.

While other farmers had trouble getting plants to grow, Walter had a green thumb, turning everything into a healthy plant, especially raspberry, boysenberry, and blackberry crops. Several years after setting up the farm, the Ghost Town was built where people could come to eat.

Then by the 1960s, other attractions were built to include the Timber Mountain Log and Calico Mine Ride. Following were the Fiesta Village and then the Roaring 20s, featuring the Corkscrew, the first looping roller coaster in the world.

By 1983, the amusement park was introduced along with Camp Snoopy, the first theme park designed specifically for children, the first of its kind in the world. Wild Water Wilderness came in 1988, which is a four-acre outdoor river wilderness. Today, Knott’s Berry Farm remains a premier, family vacation destination that the entire family will love.

San Diego – Belmont Park
Belmont Park is one of the best amusement parks in San Diego. With plenty for the entire family, this Park has something for everyone. With rides for the entire family and basically everything in between, Belmont Park makes for a very exciting adventure. The most distinctive attraction in the Park is the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. The coaster was built in 1925 and has been restored over the years. This coaster is truly one of a kind, as it offers quick drops, steep hills, and insane speed!

To round out your fun, make sure you do a little shopping and take in some of the food. Belmont Park in San Diego has great food and shopping, giving you more than a few reasons to visit the park and be amazed – truly amazed.

Los Angeles – Universal Studios
First opened in 1964, Universal Studios in California offers a guided tour through the back lot where many famous movies were made. To enhance the overall experience, many special effects have been added for some of the filming areas such as King Kong and Jaws.

When visiting with your family, just remember that this studio sees many visitors so we recommend you avoid weekends if possible. Other aspects of Universal Studios that make this an excellent place to spend a vacation are the Fear Factor Live show, which is a stung show that includes the audience based on the television show Fear Factor.

Make sure when visiting that you check the shows scheduled every day for the attractions at Universal Studio in that they do change. However, you and the family will have a blast as you tour Back to the Future, Shrek 4-D, Terminator, the Waterworld stunt show, and more.

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