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Arizona is one of the Four Corners states, situated south and east of the Colorado River. It borders New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, touches Colorado, and has a 389-mile international border with Mexico. Arizona is the sixth largest state in area, after New Mexico and before Nevada. Aside from the Grand Canyon, a number of other National Forests, Parks, Monuments, and Indian reservations are located in the state.

Arizona is the place that defined the landscape for Westerns since 1939, when John Ford directed “Stagecoach” starring John Wayne. Due to its beautiful settings teemed with wildlife, it is also a popular destination for family vacations. An Arizona family vacation offers plenty of exciting adventures for both kids and grown-ups. Arizona is a place filled with tourist attractions that can make a perfect holiday. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Saguaro Saguaro National Park
The Sonoran Desert in Arizona, the Mexican state of Sonara, and the Whipple Mountains and Imperial County areas of California are the only places in the world where these giant species of cactus grow. Your kids will love exploring the Saguaro National Park near Tucson, Arizona during your Arizona family vacation. The park has two sections and many huge saguaros. You can also admire the wide variety of bird species and go underground to see the burrowing animals.

Petrified Forest National Monument
A must-see tourist attraction for an Arizona family vacation, the Petrified Forest is 225 million-years old. It features wide areas of petrified logs, which used to be living trees before the dinosaurs, during the Triassic Period. You can also admire the Painted Desert at the North end.

The Grand Canyon
Kids will love seeing the Grand Canyon during an Arizona family vacation. If your kid likes trains, you can go on a 65-mile historic train ride on the Grand Canyon Railway starting in Williams. If you purchase a family package you might find a hot deal.

At least 1.8 billion years in the making, Grand Canyon National Park is truly grand in every way. While the oldest rocks exposed in the bottom of the canyon are that old, the canyon is a new geologic feature carved over the last 5-6 million years.

Averaging 4,000 feet deep for its entire 277 miles, stretching 277 river miles from Lees Ferry to the Grand Wash Cliffs, it is 6,000 feet deep at its deepest point and 15 miles wide at its widest. But this immense chasm dug by the Colorado River isn’t considered one of the natural wonders of the world just because of its staggering numbers.

It’s also a scientific wonder, one of the most complete records of geological history that can be seen anywhere in the world. Beautiful and inspiring, it’s a landscape that is constantly changing with variations in the weather and time of day.

Whether by plane, helicopter, boat, foot, horse or pack mule, it’s no wonder that four-five million people every year have found so many ways to experience it.

Canyon de Chelly
Located close to Chinle, Canyon de Chelly is a wonderful spot for an Arizona family vacation. You can drive on the rim and admire the beautiful scenery or descend by horseback riding or hiking. However, you can’t go inside the canyon without a guide. The 2.5 – mile hike might be steep on occasion, but the setting is breathtaking.

Other attractions
An Arizona family vacation is a wonderful adventure for the kids. Kids will love the beautiful caves, including Colossal Caves, Grand Canyon Caverns and Kartchner Caverns. Tours of the Biosphere 2 near Tucson are another popular tourist attraction in Arizona. London Bridge is visited each year by one and a half million vacationers worldwide.

Amusement Parks in Arizona

Phoenix – Castles-n-Coasters
From the thrilling sky high roller coasters and exciting water rides, to the exotic countries of the world class miniature golf course and enchantment of an old fashioned carrousel, there’s magic and new adventures waiting for you and your family at Castles N’ Coasters. I especially enjoyed riding the Desert Storm roller coaster.

Scottsdale, AZ – Fiddlesticks
Tucson, AZ – Funtasticks Family Fun Park

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